Bikes dominate the market!

I love to go to fleamarkets or, what we call „oldtimer markets“. you can find so much different old things, mostly transport stuff, parts for cars, motorbikes, trikes, tractors and bicycles. And i recognized that in the last 3 years bicycles got more and more on the markets, what of course is a wonderful thing. on the other hand the prices raise too, thats not so good.
on markets like st. poelten in austria or veterama in germany you can find the really old bicycles, that are not often offered in worldwideweb. like here on the pics – a metropole shaft driven bike, france, some old english safetys, a kangooroo, a fire-departement bicycle (i think its selfmade), a maryland ladies bike, ca. 1898…

and usually i go home fully loaded with old crap.

my favourite background 🙂