On the wall

Found last summer, on my way throug east styria (where i live) – the remains of an old sgraffito, once the advertising sign of a bicycle dealer and manufacturer. must be about 100 years old, even older. now there is a lumber mill located there – i asked at the residential house next to the mill, the owner live there, but they only knew that there is the lumber mill as long as they live. so i asked at the next house where 2 old ladies live, they told me that the property was sold somewhere in the 1910s, and was immediately changed into a lumber mill…
so noone knows about the bicycle and wagon manufacturer and dealer. sad.

only a smal part of the property is now still intact and used as a lumber mill, the rest really is a forgotten place, see the pics.

must have been a wonderful place 100 years ago i think. its located 2 kms away from the next village, it stands totally alone in the middle of fields, not even a forest (for the lumber mill) is near 🙂