L’eroica 2011

This year im planning to attend the finest race for veteran racing bicycles – L’eroica. For that im still working on my Excel bicycle, built ca. 1937 in france. Its a 26 inch bicycle and almost too small for me – but with the big 2.00 tires its big enough. It got 6 gears and a cyclo gear shift, when you drive it on the first gear its like driving a modern mountain bike on the lowest gear 🙂

I built a basket for the aluminium drinking bottle, because its a little too big for the usual baskets. For the basket i used some spokes from my penny farthing.
For my wife i have the ladies version of the bike too and i hope she will ride with me 🙂

I got the bikes out of an attic in Bad Ischl in upper austria. The former and first owners purchased the bicycles when they married, in 1937. The man was still studying in graz, styria, so they drove the bikes 2 times a month to graz and back – almost 300 kms with 3 pass to climb…