Bicycle museum Germany, Bad Brueckenau

If you are interested in bicycle history and you visit Germany a stop at Ivan Sojc´s german bicycle Museum in Bad Brueckenau is a must. The art nouveau villa with more than 450 m2 houses almost 230 bicycles from all eras. Very nice velocipedes, ordinary bicycles and safety bicycles, modern bikes and curiosities like the safety bicycle made by Valentin Wiegele (Austria, for sure one of the first safety bicycles) are shown. Most of the bicycles are still in origin condition, some of them are restorated. Also you can see very nice bicycle accessories, posters and advertising stuff.
The museum has its own bicycle store where you can for example buy origin parts for your bike – if they are available. In summer you can give 20 different bicycles a try or have a coffee and cake in the museums own coffeehouse.

Open from Tuesday to Friday
09:00 – 12:00 Uhr
14:00 – 17:00 Uhr

and Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
10:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Deutsches Fahrradmuseum
Heinrich-von-Bibra-Str. 24
97769 Bad Brückenau
Tel: (09741) 93 82-55
Fax: (09741) 93 82-54

German velocipede, unknown blacksmith

Valentin Wiegele, Austria
Hillmann Herbert Cooper Premier tricycle, all nickel-plated

Springfield Roadster

German Star bicycle with foot brake

American eagle

Starley Rover


Hirondelle Superbe

Hengstenberg bicycle, 1896

Aluminium-covering, Hengstenberg bicycle, 1896

Victor monotube ladies bicycle

Grundner Lemisch, austrian bamboo-bicycle

The shop

The military room

Diamant Modell 67

Adler multicycle

French racing bicycle

The masters garage

The motorcycle-room

French aluminium bicycle

Electric aluminium bicycle with twin-tires

The Clubroom

Svea, Sweden, 1896, pneumatic 5-gear

Svea, Sweden, 1896, pneumatic 5-gear

Svea, Sweden, 1896, pneumatic 5-gear