Radkult Leoben, Styria, 2012

Radkult was a local styrian exibition of veteran and modern bicycles and bicycle-related stuff in Leoben, Styria in 2012. Most of the veteran cycles that were visible came from the archives of Technisches Museum Wien, and usually are not shown in public. So it was a must to go to Leoben to have a look at the wonderful bicycles!
Although there were less bicycles (about 20 veteran vehicles) shown, the once that were exibited were very interesting and totally rare, like the Marsch & Kretzschmar safety bicycle or the tricycle built by Josef Erlach from Korpitsch bei Villach. An austrian Carl Lenz boneshaker with front suspension were presented too, in a very good condition. Enjoy the pics!

A famous austrian draisinne, formely owened by styrian Archduke Johann

A french ladies tricycle, built ca. 1868

A Hillmann, Herbert & Cooper Permier ordinary bicycle, framenumber 193, built ca 1884, complete nickeled.
Nice label on the backbone „W. Radfahrer am Schottenfeld“.

A fake Micheaux & Cie boneshaker (so the exibition label said), ca. 1868.

A Marsch & Kretschmar safety bicycle, once with peumatic tires.
Very interesting construction, look at the brakes. Built ca. 1893. Top condition. Framenumber 504.

The carinthian Josef Erlach-tricycle, built mostly of wood, ca. 1878

A Sparkbrook safety bicycle, Coventry, built ca. 1888.

A DĂĽrkopp Diana bicycle, framenumber 32894, maybe built in Vienna, ca. 1897. Very nice condition.

A 50ties Puch bicycle, ready for wintersports 🙂

A top condition Benedict Albl Graziosa Chainless bicycle, built in Graz, 1898, framenumber 13864. The more expensive sister of my Graziosa

A Steyr-Daimler-Puch S50, built in 1949. Absolut top condition, as new.

A Dusika racing bicycle, built in Vienna, 1954.
The colour reminds of the famous Bianchi racing bicycles, a little marketing trick 🙂 
Ferry Dusika
was a famous austrian racer

A beautiful Carl Lenz boneshaker with front suspension, built in Vienna ca. 1870.