Attnang Puchheim Ride

Attnang Puchheim in Upper Austria sure will not get my favourite town with its confusing streets and crossings. But the classic bicycle ride, organised by the local veterans vehicle club was great.
We started from our hotel, which too was our meeting point with ca. 20 other bicycles, from 1885 to 1945, ordinary and safety bicycles, racing bicycles and tandems. Our way crossed the two centers of Attang and Puchheim with short stops at the castle and the ponds and a bigger stop at a very nice river. Sadly i forgot my trunks.
For this ride i used my Thomas Smith and Sons hard tire safety for the first time. It worked good although its really hard to ride and i was a little nervous to ride that old bike. But after 3 hours shaking my bones on asphalt, stones, mud and sand i arrived back safe 🙂
Later a little swap meet took place, nice parts, nice bikes. In the evening we had to cancel the Concours d‘elegance because of the weather but we joined the local fire-departement party, very funny 😉
Next day we started again for a ride to a near farm/museum. The weather was good, the heads ached from lasts night party and the bicycles were changed (i used one of my ordinary bikes).
Thanks a lot for the organisation, MVCA!