Peugeot 1903

I got this Peugeot ladies bicycle 2 weeks ago. Its a real barnfind, directly from france. When i got it it still was full of dirt, hay and spiderwebs.
The Peugeot is a very small bicycle, with rare 26 inch wheels (im still searching tires that will fit). In the catalogue of 1903 its called „Bicyclette Dame A“, the price was 290 Fr. which was rather cheap (the Dame Luxus was 400 Fr.) and was available with 26 inch or 28 inch wheels. For that Peugeot used the same frame 🙂
The saddle was made by Hunt, grips are woodenand the chain is 1 inch. Its already has a freewheel. One nice little detail is the front tire, which wa made by Peugeot themself. It still holds the air…
As i got it.
Celluloid is missing.
Still a lot of nickel after 108 years.
Origin Peugeot pedals.
Very nice wooden grips.
Hunt leather saddle.
The lion looks to the left. That changed in 1908, he then turned his head to the right.
The skirt guard is not useable anymore.