Bicycle Museum Vösendorf

A very nice bicycle collection and public museum is located in Voesendorf, near Vienna. Some boneshakers, pennyfarthings, a lot of safety bicycles from 1888 up to 1900, many bicycles built after 1900, rare austrian bikes, younger racing bicycles and a lot of interesting pictures and memorabilia can been seen.
The collection started in 1985 with a simple and small metal sign of a local bicycle club, now its for sure one of the biggest collections in austria.
The museum usually is only open every first saturday a month but Mr. Matejowics, who is owner of the museum opened it for us on a thursday evening – which was very nice of him. He is a very pleasant person and showed us a lot of specialities and we had a long and interesting talk.
Fahrradmuseum Voesendorf
Schloss, 2331 Voesendorf
Tel: 01 / 69903 – 11
April – December, every 1. Saturday a month  14:00 – 17:00 h
Groups (from 10 persons) are welcome everytime and everyday – please make a reservation in advance.
Hillman Herbert Cooper Premier penny farthing
Front: Austrian built boneshaker, rear: Parisienne boneshaker, back: early penny farthing
Burg velocipede, built in Vienna, ca 1820
A lot of different safety bicycles from around the world
Adler, ca 1889
Length-adjustable frame
Captain Gerard, France, ca 1900
Styria ladies bicycle, 1913
Puch 1950, rare colour, excellent original condition
Opel Nr. 6