What is it?

New bicycle in my basement: a crossframe safety, built around 1890. But what is it? And where was it produced?
The cross frame is one of the oldest frametypes since bicycles exist. It was first built by Hillman & Cooper 1886 – only 2 years after John Starley built the first Rover safety bicycle. 
There are some interesting details with this bicycle:
1. To adjust the chain you adjust the bottom bracket – to the front or rear.
2. The saddle tube has a very nice and abnormal shape.
3. The front brake – whatever it looked like – was mounted to the rear side of the fork.
4. A framenumber can be seen on the lamp holder.
I got it out of a czech collection, some parts, like the seat and the handlebar are not origin… now i have a lot of work with it 🙂
Framenumber 852. A S – who´s that?
Shaft-connection like almost all ordinarys and most early safety-bicycles have.
Wheels and spokes in good condition.
The most extraordinary part: The adjustable bottom bracket.
Wood instead rubber – not original.