First ride with my penny farthing

When i climbed upon my penny farthing for the first time suddenly the handlebar broke. So i had to rebuild it and 2 months later i climbed upon the bicycle again. Only for some seconds, then i fell down to the right side, hurting my knee and elbow. The 3. time i tried it, i drove about 50 meters then wanted to stop by catching a tree with my hand, failed and landed to the left side.

Then i decided not to use the penny farthing in front of our house anymore, where there is is less space. So i took it to a near quiet road, tried some times and quickly learned how to get up easily and to get down again too.You really need more space for exercising and you need to push 2 or 3 times with the foot and at more speed (than you first would believe) you can get on the bike. When you are too slow the risk of falling to a side is very high. Its the same with getting down again, its more easy to find the rear step with your foot when you are not too slow…
Now i love to ride it, its so quiet, slow but fast too and you sit like a king on it 🙂 – very velicious!